Author's Portrait and link to resume. I'm a software design engineer with experience in algorithm design, image processing, pattern recognition, communications engineering, and real time embedded systems working in Silicon Valley, U.S.A. My educational background is in pure and applied mathematics, classical and quantum physics and studio art. I've developed on Mac, Unix and Windows platforms in C++, C, Python, MATLAB and many other languages. I enjoy innovation and applying advanced theory to solving practical problems. Please see my resume for details.


Image of a CD-ROM. Mathematical Software For fun, I design and publish specialized mathematical software including programs for primitive polynomial computation, CRC code generation, coding and decoding, and cellular automata. All source code is copylefted under the GNU General Public License. and comes with extensive comments and complete technical documentation.


Sample Art Image. Fine Arts I paint and draw in acrylic, pastel and pencil and am learning CGI with Blender


home image. Web Page Design of this home page.


Spark coil image. Hobby Electronics I also design and build hobby electronics.


Earth Image. Reading list I like to read science fiction and fantasy.


me if you have questions or comments.